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SKYN3T 13 jul 2013 om 9:11nm
Anyone want to run through the story in one sitting tonight?
Seems like there isn't really anyone playing the story and I just bought it and want to go through it and all the cut scenes.
I want to play on AT LEAST normal, but I prefer hard mode (not very hard).
I want a challange, not a hand holding contest!

Add me on Steam if you want to, it's currently 12:10am here on the East Coast of the states.
If we don't finish the story, we can pick up where we left off tomorrow!
Won't be voice chatting really, just looking to be laid back and have fun.
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GWT 14 jul 2013 om 12:08vm 
yeah il do it sometime
SKYN3T 14 jul 2013 om 12:26vm 
Origineel geplaatst door GWT:
yeah il do it sometime

I played a bit but got stuck on the first instance where you need to put 16 gas tanks in the generator.
Played on "Hard" with 2 other people, they quit because they couldn't keep up.
Then I did it solo on hard and was always like 2-3 tanks off before filling it up.
I'll be on tomorrow (aka today now), I saw your friend request, i'll add you when i'm around to play.
Should be around 1-2pm EST time and since I have tomorrow off, i'll be switching between L4D2, Chiveralry Medival Warfare, WarZ and Killing Floor alllll day, but if I see you on i'll shoot you a message!
We shall roll through the entire story!
SKYN3T 14 jul 2013 om 12:27vm 
I also think there might be an achivement for doing the entire campaign with a co-op partner too.
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