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EpicFace0314 2013年7月13日下午8:48
is there a way i can use cheats while in a game i started without console?
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knickranger730 23 小时以前 
dont cheat lol
James 23 小时以前 
You have to start the game via the console, so you type one of the commands to enter a chapter.

Then you type
sv_cheats 1

then enter any cheats you want
ForeverSinful 23 小时以前 
search the workshop for "Admin System"
Learn to play instead of learning to cheat.
Reaper 21 小时以前 
Maybe he wants to go third person or kick the other bot survivors so he can test something?
Don't always assume the worst of people, because it makes you seem just as bad.
Soup Nazi 20 小时以前 
引用自 ForeverSinful
search the workshop for "Admin System"
Reaper 20 小时以前 
Ok, but he still doesn't have to be assuming that he wants to cheat instead of play. While you answered his question, the other guys *nickranger and rumbrella* were just being idiots, simply saying "don't cheat lol"and "learn to play".
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