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Left 4 dead 3
what if bill isnt dead maybe hes in a acoma. what do you think?
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Bill's dead, when he jumped off 3 tanks and thousands of zombies devoured him :P
Seems you'll have to wait some time
He was left for dead, is he going to turn into a zombie now?
He's not in a coma.
In the comic (which is supposed to be canon with the game's story) he was killed by some Tanks. He sacrificed himself to save the rest of the team (hence the name of the campaign "The Sacrifice"). So yeah, he's dead for good.

You guys need to deal with it.
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I am dealing with it, I'm also vacuuming the living room.
no he is dead there was a lot of blood near him he might died without so much blood
If he wasn't dead he would probably be alive.
It should be totally new characters. One of which should be a midget. We need more midgets in video games.
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