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Cameron Dallas 2013년 7월 6일 오후 6시 13분
File is Avoiding me from playing any server?
When I try to join a server is says: Error: Server is enforcing consistency for this file:
left4dead2/models/infected/jocky This is avoiding me to play any servers.Please help.
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Cameron Dallas 2013년 7월 6일 오후 6시 16분 
JJ509 2013년 7월 7일 오전 6시 31분 
You have a jocky skin addon enabled and the server is forcing consistency. So the file of the jocky on the server doesn't match what files you have for the jockey.

Disable any jocky skins or validate cache. I had the same issue with a boomer skin I really liked. I just disabled it or played on servers that didn't enforce consistancy. There is a filter option to avoid consistancy checking servers. Give it a try.
Cameron Dallas 2013년 7월 7일 오전 9시 21분 
Wheres the filter option?
JJ509 2013년 7월 7일 오후 4시 32분 
When you go to play online you will see the words filter options just below the server search box and if you click campaign you can choose installed add-ons or not installed add-ons.
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