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R@ncid 2013年7月6日下午5:28
This is a pretty dissapointing sequel.
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Uberwatch 2013年7月6日下午6:38 
Took you 5 years say that?
R@ncid 2013年7月6日下午7:01 
I dont jump on bandwagons. lol
Sugar-Free Death Penalty 2013年7月6日下午7:02 
Or maybe you're just bad at it? Thats why all my friends hate a lot of their games. Once you get better at it I'm sure you'll love it. :)
R@ncid 2013年7月6日下午7:22 
Probably because I suck. You're right, I've waited five years for it to be five dollars.
[ ✯ ] - Renatus - [ ✯ ] 2013年7月6日下午9:11 
How long do you own it? Might be just the case of not giving it time enough.
Gengur 2013年7月6日下午9:17 
Honestly, on its own, L4D2 is a decent game. The only thing that really makes the game horrible is the community.
正在显示第 1 - 6 条,共 6 条留言
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