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Trolulz 2013年7月3日 4時57分
Is this game still worth buying?
I realise this games been out for a very long time now but it looks fun.
Is there still a lot of people that play this game?
And is there a lot of content besides the normal campaign mode?
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Nickolas Cat 2013年7月3日 5時39分 
There are loads of custom campaigns and maps
mattyy1hp 2013年7月3日 5時58分 
There are a lot of stupid votekick kids. You can always play with them.
herpe 2013年7月3日 6時23分 
it's somewhere in top20 by active players, but it's better if you have decent friends who also owns it
Lord Maximus 2013年7月3日 7時01分 
Tons of people still playing. Lots of additional content on Steam Workshop. Honestly you'd be stupid to pass on this game. =]
最近の変更はLord Maximusが行いました; 2013年7月3日 7時02分
Agret 2013年7月3日 7時22分 
You only need 3 friends to play campaigns, it's fun
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