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Roycesraphim 2013. júl. 2. @ du. 11:46
Add On menu option crash
So, for some time now, I can play the game, I can go to the Addon menu, and watch it crash after 20 seconds.. After the most recent patch, it crashes when the Addon menu option is pushed. Going to try emptying the folder to see if it helps.
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Skaði 2013. júl. 3. @ de. 3:25 
You could try unticking all your add on's and seeing if that helps and just tick them when you want to play that particular level. As for the update it should be sorted out soon.
Roycesraphim 2013. júl. 3. @ de. 7:45 
That was the issue, the addon menu would crash before I could tic or untic. It worked when I removed all non-workshop items, now to see how things turn out when I add them back in.
Roycesraphim 2013. júl. 3. @ de. 9:27 
well, I have way too many games installed to man handle steam at the moment, even taking all the games in and out would be far too much time to lose, waiting for files to move and hoping nothing goes wrong.

Research has lead me to conclude that its a conflict between the addons I collected from other websites like L4D Maps.com and FPS banana, and the workshop files. Hopefully when I am home again, I can verify that the fix worked.
M-A-Doppel G-O 2013. júl. 3. @ de. 11:04 
Roycesraphim 2013. júl. 3. @ du. 11:08 
Lets see, the menu showed up fine, and I could de select a few, but as I tried to start a new game, the game froze my desktop at start up. 1 more time and then I reinstall.
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