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Aestus 2013年7月1日上午7:05
Does this include all the dlc's? is this the game of the year edition? or is there only left 4 dead 1 game of the year edition
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Aestus 2013年7月1日上午8:49 
somebody must know this! Does this game come with all the dlc's? or does left 4 dead 1 only come with all the dlc's
Bikes 2013年7月1日上午9:02 
Valve just patches their DLC into the game for free for their PC games.
Aestus 2013年7月1日上午9:07 
Then why is there a left 4 dead 1 game of the year edition?
Bikes 2013年7月1日上午9:10 
引用自 Daan the Great
Then why is there a left 4 dead 1 game of the year edition?

They added the DLC to the retail disk IIRC
Plus it sounds better =P
Aestus 2013年7月1日上午9:17 
You might call me a noob but what the heck is IIRC
Broseidon: King of the Brocean 2013年7月1日上午9:46 
Yes, this game comes with all the DLC. Also, IIRC stands for If I remember correctly.
F1st Br34k3r 2013年7月1日上午10:51 
GOTY edition is just a name, the game could be GOTY but it might have no content added to it.
l4d2 wasn't awarded goty compared to l4d1, but the goty content from l4d1 is already in l4d2.
EVERYTHING from l4d1 is in l4d2, well... except for a few survival maps and the darker atmosphere.

HL2 didn't release any new content even after the game won GOTD
:TF: Coolnate 2013年7月1日下午4:00 
It just means if you buy the GOTY edition you will spend less time updating online because all the updates are on the disc.
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