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What's your funniest/most humiliating kill in versus?
We all know Left 4 Dead has some unintentionally funny occassions, so I'm here to hear your story about the funniest or most humiliating way you've killes someone in Versus.

Mine is a toss up between two tanks taken down. One, a tank had downed all of my teammates bit had taken a LOT of damage so I knew he was almost dead. I whipped out my trusty old frying pan....and BOOM! Killshot on the tank with it.

The second, we were almost to the end of a chapter and had lost a teammate on the way. 2 of us were in green health, one red...but we had pills. Suddenly we hear the dreaded tank music. We give the teammate the pills and I came up with a brilliant idea. I had a moly, so I ask my teammates "So...do you guys wanna try locking the tank in the saferoom instead of fighting him?" So...we got to him and ran around into the saferoom leaving the door open. As expected, he followed us right in. He got our teammate that had just taken pills but us other two got out. We closed the door behind us and he was stuck. He ran back and started hitting the downed teammate, so we quickly opened the door, I chucked my moly in there, and closed the door again...aealing his fate as a roasted tank. We fought off the couple specials that came at us while he burned alive, and the two of us got out alive....as a barrage of "lol" and "wtf" filled the chat box :D

Anyone else have some humiliating stories to share?!
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Excuae the typo's...I'm on my phone and proofreading is a little challenging
Zaron Jun 29, 2013 @ 4:13pm 
So im in the mall and we decide to comit sucide
I get to the over walk
I jump
A smoker grabs me in mid air
A teem mate shoots the tung after a minit
I land on the ground but a hunter grabs me frst so i dont die
Then a charger steals me from the hunter.
hes grinding me into the ground and the car blows up
I sit back in my chare smoke a sigeret and type " was it good for you to"
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