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Solaris 2013년 6월 24일 오후 3시 32분
L4D2 Keeps uninstalling itself
So I installed all of yesterday to play for awhile, yet, Turned on my computer today, to find it's uninstalled again. Gotta re-download. What is this? How can I fix it?
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Solaris 2013년 6월 24일 오후 4시 08분 
UPDATE: So the files were still in steamapps/common. Tried launching it from the exe there, and it worked, but it launched in insecure mode. Still shows up as uninstalled in my library.
Bubble Blast - 5K! 2013년 6월 24일 오후 7시 55분 
God doesnt want u to play L4d2. Listen to him. kk?
Anthony 2014년 7월 13일 오전 5시 22분 
I have the same problem. would very much like to know how to fix this it's really annoying.
Anthony 2014년 7월 13일 오전 9시 01분 
I can't select that option. And I only have this problem with the lfd games.
MarshalMarc 2015년 8월 30일 오전 4시 18분 
Same hear kinda ♥♥♥♥♥♥ off...
WinterSolstice 2015년 8월 30일 오전 4시 22분 
OS problem? My suspect.. .. .. .. you could also rename that client that runs steam.., and force it to update itself :P
WinterSolstice님이 마지막으로 수정; 2015년 8월 30일 오전 4시 24분
Osiris~ 2015년 8월 30일 오전 5시 07분 
This sounds like problems I have had after some updates.

My virus softwares have interferred with L4D updates many times and for me it has always been the Realtime Scanning/Protection.

This will happen with a few games while using virus software. In fact, if I try to play a game called The Raven and I forget to disable the virus software it quarentines the executable and I have to redownload or verify cache.

Try this

- Make sure virus software is OFF during download and install of game and updates(especially Realtime Protection/Scanning). You can also verify cache rather than reinstall. You can then enable the virus protections once the game installs successfully. This will happen with a few games while using virus software.

- If that doesn't work I would try to run the L4D2 executable -Run as Administrator. If it works then the OS is possibly interfering with access to some files and folders.

This is all I know for this problem with the info given. Verify cache with Virus protection Off has a very high success rate for most problems so make sure you always try that before anything else.
Good luck.
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