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GUNNER 21 jun. 2013 a las 11:13
Question and wish for skilled add-on makers
QUESTION: "pak01_dir" I searched in this component for Zoey's head. I just found her body (hands, jacket, shoes...) but not head, anyone knows where is it?
WISH: Becouse I know i am terrible with making add-ons (I never made any add-on at all, just tried it) and I know you need at least 3 programmes to do it. I want ask if somebody can make it. I want just repaint 2 places on Zoey's head, so you dont need download any texture, you need just programme what can do it ( I know only Paint.net). I will tell details if somebody will want do it.
Publicado el: 21 jun. 2013 a las 11:13
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