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Sapphire Coin 2013년 6월 18일 오전 5시 06분
Thumbs.db in Workshop creations
For God's sake, people, DON'T include any additional files in your VPKs! It breaks any other add-ons that will include it and will also "collide" with it. Stupid trolling workshop creators.

While some of the workshop items in bold appear to work, people need to use smaller file icons when working around workshop icons to prevent thumbnail creation. Any folder with image files will have thumbs.db included in each folder to speed up the display of thumbnails each time it is opened. Valve, you need to fix this so that workshop owners don't (un)intentionally include this in more workshop items.

File thumbs.db collides in VPKs:
XD001's Quieter Dead Center Helicopter
HD Jukebox
Aperture Science Combustible Lemon Launcher
HD | Ammo Boxes
Payday Ammobag (Ammostack)
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