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Deadzero 2013年6月15日下午11:51
Votekick Pro and Con
Just to point this out I'm bad at Enligsh so don't QQ about grammar.

Here people go making discussion and QQ about getting votekick for no reason or random♥♥♥♥♥♥so here is the point out about this.

-Votekick is useful for Kicking Trolls like killing teammate, jumping off the map and die, spamming, not playing a game.
-Can kick the afk for 10min or more.
-Can kick for Mic spamming, Chat spamming, Being an ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ to player, and etc.

-Getting kicked for no reason.
-Getting kicked for being Touhou fan,Vocaloid fan,Brony,Furry fan (idk what its called), and etc
-Getting kicked because someone is new to the game.
-Getting kicked because you made a mistake or doing bad today.

For my option I think this is a okay idea to have votekick but it do have some butthurt so here my tip you can get your friend to play with you and you won't have to worry about getting votekick its a great tip to player on l4d2 and I seen it common today.
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winterpast 2013年6月16日上午12:00 
I hate votekick. Its annoying to have to get everyone on the team to kick people that are trolls or ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥s.
and part of the reason why I only locally host servers. full control over who gets kicked and who doesn't. :)
Lunatix 2013年6月16日上午12:59 
We already know all these things, why create a post for this ? Really useless.
Deadzero 2013年6月16日上午1:58 
@Lunatix How is it useless and did you see how many people are posting about getting votekicked for no reason
Dr Chaos MK 2013年6月16日下午9:35 
引用自 Crystal (Touhou)
How is it useless and did you see how many people are posting about getting votekicked for no reason
Don't want to sound like a jerk. But in some ways, it is useless. Valve is NOT going to change the vote kick system. It may not be perfect. But it is better than nothing I.M.O.

In regards to all these threads of people complaining about the vote kick system, it should really just stop. Most of the complaints are just rants WITHOUT any substance. If the vote kick system upsets you that much, then simply don't play VS. Stick to other modes instead. And if the vote system just makes you mad on ALL modes. Then just don't play L4D 2 anymore. And perhaps a final solution. Find some way to get your own server. Where you have all the control. But if you abuse that control, expect no one to join your server.
Deadzero 2013年6月17日上午12:06 
@Dr Chaos MK
never said it was going to change or something this is the people who crying over votekick
Dr Chaos MK 2013年6月17日上午10:04 
引用自 Crystal (Touhou)
this is the people who crying over votekick
I have been vote kicked from games as well. You don't see me going all mad and / or crazy. Just forgive & forget.
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