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FIST MY ASS AND CALL ME BESSY 2013年6月12日 20時19分
Anyone have spare coupons?
Anyone with spare steam coupons that you don't need anymore? Please add me, i really want those :)
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Oskulock 2013年6月13日 2時33分 
I have several but they arent free of course, 2 coupons = one card, i have ones for Evoland, Duke Nukem 3D Megaton Edition, Serious Sam 3 BFE and Stacking.
FIST MY ASS AND CALL ME BESSY 2013年6月13日 3時41分 
Does anyone have the L4D2 coupon? I can't wait for summer sale x) I really want to purchase L4D2.
Bethyi 2013年6月13日 3時49分 
I also have bunches of coupons, if you want to trade cards for them let me know.
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