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StatTrak™Blue Factory New 2013年6月1日 22時49分
What makes you rage quit in Left 4 Dead 2?
idk you tell me.
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Dr Chaos MK 2013年6月1日 23時09分 
Nothing. I always stay in games. The only time I leave a game is if I disconnect NOT by me. Like if the server bombs. The only other time I leave a online game is if someone DoS or DDoS the server I am in.
Mrz.FranG00bYGAIBEN1337H4x0r$MLG 2013年6月1日 23時12分 
The AI. kthxbai
Gio32k 2013年6月1日 23時35分 
When everyone else rage quits!
Jeff the Sexually Aroused 2013年6月2日 3時02分 
When my team rage quit's in versus i see no reason to continue.
Bananaᴴᴰ ๖ۣۜKush 2013年6月2日 9時29分 
un-cooperative and bad teammates
[EH] Shadow_Mantis 2013年6月2日 16時20分 
Brain dead AI that would rather watch you get strangled to death by a Smoker.

♥♥♥♥♥♥♥s... no one does that but me. I'm the one who is supposed to take pleasure in the "suffering" of my AI companions. Not them taking pleasure in my suffering.
Nex 2013年6月2日 16時59分 
Nothing. Prussia doesn't give up.
GatoradeMeBitch 2013年6月3日 5時15分 
usually when im the only person left on my team after everybody else leaves. or if I have really bad connection
Jackicaani 2013年6月3日 6時51分 
other people mostly. The community has gone pretty low over the time.
[ZKA!] Alucard 2013年6月3日 12時38分 
Usually when being greifed, other players are completely incompetent, im stuck playing with AI, or the other team decides to switch over before we connect so we have their crappy score and didnt have to do a damn thing to win
gamecockdrew86 2013年6月3日 12時55分 
when i have to take a dump
Kid 2013年6月3日 17時19分 
I don't rage quit but people who take the game way too seriously tend to suck all the fun out for others
My Body Is Moderately Ready 2013年6月3日 17時30分 
when teammates are useless
Zaron 2013年6月29日 16時53分 
hackers and trolls
Scoutic_ 2013年7月4日 0時08分 
When I am carrying the team while one of my teammates is hiding in the safe room all nice and cozy while the other 2 are incapped and you have 4 humans trying to pounce you, charge you, ride you (?), and even smoke you while you only have a hunting rifle. Luckily, I managed to single-handedly kill them all and saved my teammates while yelling at the guy who left us. XD
1-15 / 22 のコメントを表示
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