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pyster 2013年3月10日下午7:41
Annoying clippy like help.
I recently started playing with addons, and since this time everytime I play I am getting annoying instuctions like 'help X' or 'glowing object' crap. I disabled all my addons to no avail.

It's pretty annoying, any idea how to fix this? I'm hoping I'm just and idiot and have over looked something simple.
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nixen 2013年3月10日下午7:42 
It's not an addon, it's an option. I believe you have to disable Developer Hints or something. I forget. However, if you root around in options for a couple of minutes you should be able to find it.
pyster 2013年3月10日下午9:04 
I googled it for 2 hours before post and went thru the options and didnt find crap.

looks like one of the addons changed cl_autohelp "0" to cl_autohelp "1" for no reason... changing it has fixed nothing tho.

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nixen 2013年3月10日下午9:59 
pyster 2013年3月11日下午3:01 
You are the man. Thx for proving my google skills crap :)
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