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hoyholyhoy 2013年3月9日下午12:53
Literally, when I go to "extras" all I see is developer commentary and credits. WHAT IS HAPPENING???
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Lunatix 2013年3月9日下午2:59 
Are you joking ? It's in the first menu.
Fuzoh 2013年3月9日下午3:37 
Yeah, it's supposed to just be in the first menu..
But.. http://oi46.tinypic.com/dqm535.jpg
I don't want to say I hope this person is having the same problem but if light could be shed that would be nice. When the workshop update first dropped I know for a fact that the addons option was there. I never added any mods to my game before or after, no hud or custom mutations or maps, nothing.
I hadn't played since that update but when I started up the game yesterday I noticed that the addons option was not there, I exited and took a look at the workshop while waiting for friends to hop on and added a few skins thinking maybe you had to have addons for that to show up now but I was wrong.
I validated files and did a fresh install thinking something was lost in translation over my time not playing but neither helped so to anyone else I don't advise wasting the time.
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[-SoL-]YuriBrazilU2 2013年3月9日下午4:34 
Me too. no addon list on main menu.
hoyholyhoy 2013年3月12日下午7:35 
Lol you think I don't know it's in the menu? I've had this game for like 4 years I think I know :P
Rayman1103 2013年3月13日下午12:28 
If you have a mod that edits the mainmenu.res file that was made prior to the Workshop update, then there wouldn't be any Add-Ons button on the main-menu. You'll need to download a newer version from the author, or remove it in order to access the in-game Add-Ons list.
NOBBIT 2013年3月13日下午1:57 
I had to clear my left4dead2\addons folder of all files except the workshop folder for my button to appear.
hoyholyhoy 2013年3月14日下午8:40 
:O:O:O:O:O Alright, thanks guys I want to try it, but at the same time I don't wanna delete the mods, but I'll work it out thanks!
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