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Alexo 2013年3月9日上午11:40
Add-ons get crashed by "consistency file"
Peple, I have tried some add-ons campaing downloading from www.l4dmaps.com. Some of them crashed on the middle of game and window warning says "Disconnected. Server is enforcing consistency for this file: xxx.mld".

Is this normal? I just download the l4d2_one4nine.vpk campain. This is a very recommend campain on this site... What's wrong? The file I downloaded or some problem with server I get?

Somehow to work these crashes campains or better giving up? There some great campains, cant believe the programing is wrong with this...

Thanks for any comment.
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Those Dirty Blues 2013年3月10日上午8:40 
I've had this problem before with Helm's Deep Reborn. My guess on this is that the Workshop version of the campaign somehow differs from the original version, and that whatever server you are trying to play on has the Workshop version. It's a ridiculous issue, in my opinion.
If you're trying to play on a private listening server or single player, the fix for this is to enable the developer console in one of the Options submenus, bring it up, and type "sv_consistnecy 0" without quotes into it. That should get you playing.
Alexo 2013年3月10日下午12:39 
Humm... 'sv_consistnecy 0' works if I go local server for my friends to play? I go try anyway. Sometimes I like to "give a ride" alone on a new add-on campain just to knew it. Thankyou!
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