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adrianurdaci 2013년 3월 8일 오후 12시 22분
L4D2 crashing in mac
hi everyone

i bought L4D2 a few months ago, and it has runed pretty well these last months. i run it on a mac. when i found out about all the stuff i could download for the game i started downloading skins and lots of stuff. i dont know if thats the problem, but all i know is that now, every time i try to manage the add-ons the game will crash. the rest works fine, it's just the add ons i can change. i'd appreciate any help, including anyone who could tell me if there's a way to erase installed add-ons.
thank you.

P.S.: i dont know if the problem would have to do anything with this, maybe, but sometimes i just force quit the game in the middle of play. would this have anything to do with the crashing? thank you very much :)
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