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limavictor426 2013年3月8日 5時51分
Left for dead 2 wont run
Its always been fine. Tried to play it today and it says launching game and it dosnt launch. Initially the computer thinks the game is running and then after 10 seconds it stops listing the game in processes. Sound card etc is all high spec and up to date. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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[B³]Ninicorn 2013年3月8日 6時20分 
Before you go uninstall/reinstall I would go into the properties window of the game through steam and verify the game files. It will take a while but this usually fixes game launch problems.
limavictor426 2013年3月8日 11時52分 
If I verify the game files the message "one file failed to validate, it will be reacquired" comes up and it still dosnt work???? Any thoughts??
MunkeyThrust 2013年3月8日 13時32分 
Same here, it's gotta be a Steam issue, so I'm gonna walk away from it for a while and I bet it will fix itself. Its happened before,
MunkeyThrust 2013年3月8日 15時14分 
Game crashes four-five times, I keep restarting it until it works.
DarkBlu 2013年3月9日 14時37分 
Happened to me for months. I tried everything (verifying cache, reinstalling, -lv, -novid, this one long soluton) and L4D2 still won't launch.
Cool, Calm & Relaxed 2013年3月12日 18時07分 
i have the same issue Darkblue012 can somebody help me
DarkBlu 2013年3月12日 18時15分 
It worked 2 days ago for a few hours (with over 5000 files that had to reinstall after validation) but stopped working.
Cool, Calm & Relaxed 2013年3月12日 18時16分 
somebody else just fixed it for me try right clicking on the game set launch options and
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