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Hoxton 2013年3月7日 18時03分
Someone Help
I'm trying to join a friends game but it loads for 2 seconds, then it stops and im stuck at the loading screen forever. :P
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Suicidium 2013年3月7日 20時00分 
same here .-.
Wei En 2013年3月8日 4時41分 
did you try reinstalling?
XXHydraSlasherXX 2013年3月9日 9時58分 
Azimuth 2013年3月9日 22時56分 
We will need more information. Does it happen regardless of the server you play on? ie. Does it only happen on certain campaigns/maps? How far along does the load bar get before it freezes? 10%? 50%? Do you have an autoexec.cfg or any addons? And if you have an autoexec.cfg does it have any glow scripts or any other scripts that run automatically that rely on the use of the wait command?
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