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-hAted 2013年3月6日 12時34分
YET ANOTHER GLITCH for L4D2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Its kind of wierd how these glitches JUST APEAR out of nowhere and screw the game up COMPLETELY
The No Mercy elevator...when it gets to floor level...the doors dont open.
Voted restart..and it happend again.
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NateDogg 2013年3月8日 11時09分 
Happens to me frequently. l4d2 is unfinished and made in the same year as l4d1. (Stupid right?)
XXHydraXX 2013年3月9日 9時56分 
MunkeyThrust 2013年3月9日 10時56分 
Only happened to me once.
Fletch 2013年3月9日 12時12分 
random things happen now and again, like there being no tank in the train box during the sacrifice campaign. That happened twice to me, now it is ok again. Dont stress about it, especially as the elevator is very near the beginning.
Kid Death 2013年3月9日 12時25分 
never come across any of these
COLON BLOW 2013年3月9日 17時25分 
I never had experianced this but if it happens to you just noclip through the door (dont worry, your cpu players will teleport to you if you stray too far.)
-hAted 2013年3月9日 18時26分 
Sometimes the boat comes as soon as you start event on deathtoll in finale.
jch2897 2013年3月9日 18時40分 
The elevator glitch has happened to me before. When I get to the 28th floor of the hospital, they won't open. The glitch has only happened twice, when an SI get's stuck in the elevator doors as they are closing it/they will block the door and glitch it up. It sucks, I know.
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rogue 2013年3月9日 20時15分 
What happens to me in the elevator is if you go idle while you're going up, you'll fall through and die :(
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