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beautiful.benzino 2013年3月5日 5時23分
Need more friends :)
i only have two friends on here that i play with hardly now and looking to find more to play with im still new at this but i know what im doing ive been thru most of the stories so and this is kinda way better then walking dead but not the show!!!!!! so please add away
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MunkeyThrust 2013年3月5日 7時28分 
Grave Joker 2013年3月5日 13時48分 
send me an invite i'll play with you
Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta 2013年3月5日 14時00分 
just send me an invite and ill be there
beautiful.benzino 2013年3月5日 15時58分 
okies tyyyy <3333
りくな 2013年3月6日 9時49分 
I'm looking to find people to play with. I know a RL friend that has the game, but sometimes he wouldn't want to play. I find playing with complete strangers unfun, but if we made a premade, I'd like it.
Lucky 4 2013年3月6日 10時40分 
Feel free to add me :)
beautiful.benzino 2013年3月6日 13時17分 
ty all so much if anybodys up for a game now pleae add me in!!!
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