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Evergloam 2013年3月3日下午10:05
Promod 3.2
I am looking to play confogl but i have no idea how to install the promod 3.2 even after reading the instructions heeeeeeeeeeeeelp!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Evergloam 2013年3月4日下午10:32 
Thank you. The only problem i see now is it is not working the server only allows me to play campaign. I followed the instructions. Still no luck
Evergloam 2013年3月5日上午12:29 
alright and that will allow to play confogl then?
Evergloam 2013年3月5日上午12:40 
It is still stuck on campaign.
Evergloam 2013年3月5日上午4:33 
I still cannot get it to work Do I need to have this installed and set to play on the competitivr confogl config?
Evergloam 2013年3月5日下午10:58 
yeah just joined i think yesterday
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