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Juxx 2013년 3월 3일 오후 5시 14분
Who wants to play
Me and my other friend KO9 are looking for some people to play L4D2 with, if you're down add me. Make sure you have a microphone though !!

I am an enthusiastic and hard-working individual; a very conscientious player who can play well in a quiet or busy environment. I can play both individually and part of a team comfortably. I am a very punctual and responsible individual. I believe I am a very adaptable player to l4d2 and I would feel comfortable carrying out different types of ingame roles. I am an ambitious and hard-working individual looking to learn new skills and methods of playing.

Juxx님이 마지막으로 수정; 2013년 3월 3일 오후 5시 16분
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deanforlano 2013년 3월 3일 오후 5시 16분 
im in. i have a mic
MunkeyThrust 2013년 3월 3일 오후 5시 28분 
You are hired!
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