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EGC.Caine 2013年3月3日 0時35分
downloading stuck on 9.5 GB
My download on l4d2 got stuck on 9.5 GB for already 10 hours. I already restarted the download but is doesn't work. Please someone help i want to play this game :(
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Freshly squeezed orange juice 2013年3月3日 1時03分 
Verify the game cache.
go to steam> games library> right click on left 4 dead 2> properties> local files> verify integrity of game cache.
EGC.Caine 2013年3月3日 1時39分 
i did that now yes but nothing happends
Golden Eagle Blood Saige bs 2013年3月3日 1時56分 
uninstall it and restart download.
EGC.Caine 2013年3月3日 2時02分 
i also did that but i found the problem i have no more diskspace left it said it need 7.4GB but it needs 13.2GB so i have to make space thank you :)
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