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SuperLazyDude[BigSaviour1] 2013년 2월 28일 오후 10시 14분
Local Server Pause Issues.
Recently I've been playing addon maps so of course I'm using a local server. It's all been fine until today. For some odd reason if I hit "escape" or bring up the console, it pauses the game for everybody. Likewise, anyone else can do it. I tried to see if it was an addon I had that was bugging out but I checked all the addons I had added after I saw the problem but it didn't change when I removed them from the addon file. I'm not sure if the local server is supposed to work that way but it's very annoying. If anyone can tell me how to fix it, or if it even needs to be fixed at all, please tell me. I'd appreciate it ^.^
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maxzimusprime 2013년 4월 24일 오전 5시 48분 
i'm having this issue starting from today
SuperLazyDude[BigSaviour1] 2013년 4월 24일 오후 8시 23분 
Thanks guys I really appreciate it ^.^
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