like QQ in rain 27. helmi, 2013 0.21
No mercy elevator glitch
This bug has been in the game since always and they didn't fix it. It isn't funny anymore :/ happens almost every time i'm playing.
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Captain Caboose 27. helmi, 2013 2.13 
I have never seen that happen before.
Bikes 27. helmi, 2013 6.01 
Play on less laggy servers, It typically only happens if your game is lagging really badly.
Captain Caboose 27. helmi, 2013 12.08 
C= Amiga lähetti viestin:
Those Dirty Blues lähetti viestin:
I have never seen that happen before.

You definately must be new here then.

If only that was true. That's why I'm baffled by it.
Ураган (banned) 27. helmi, 2013 12.22 
In my 1k + hours I have seen it happen about 5 times more or less. It doesn't seem to happen anymore, at least not in the games I have played. But I do agree that it can ruin a perfectly balanced game.
Seb@s (FR) 28. tammi 13.40 
yesterday, two of my friends died like this.
but i confirm that it was an "official server" & was laggy like hell.
omg XD happened to me. i lagged, fell through floor, and landed on a spitter. XD
sadly it didnt kill it. woulda been epic. bill bomb
Garrison 28. tammi 14.28 
It happened to my friend yesterday, It was an official server. Pretty funny!
Jon - Back on the 28th 28. tammi 15.25 
it has happened to me a few times aswell. i did some experimenting and it turned out that when i click to take a break in the elevator it seems to trigger it a lot. even worse is that i have ended up on top of the building, look at my screenshots
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