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thewillielee Feb 26, 2013 @ 11:07am
Don't get rid of Kick option.
All players have the right to the kick feature. Let's be honest L4D Devs-there is-are players who abuse this function.

However, taking away a great feature should never be implemented. It's a good feature to have.
Instead apply a new feature where the Bootee (playerbooted) automatically could block all the players who voted to kick him.

1) Kicking a player option is an appreciated function that every L4D player likes.
2) Being kicked is never something every player appreciates.

So logically applying a function where the Bootee can:
1) Realise who booted them
2) Have an opportunity to make sure these players won't boot him ever again.

...should be applied.

You get matched up with players who don't mind how you play.
The Boot function will most likely not be abused.
New players can pm players to find out why they've been booted.
Players who don't like being kicked can insure they'll never be kicked by the same players ever again.

You can end up being very limited in who you play against, but that was your choice.

The Pros outway the Cons. Valve-you should apply it.

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Dr Chaos MK Feb 26, 2013 @ 12:46pm 
Players that cannot be kicked from the same person!? I think not! If a person comes in & griefs / trolls a game I am in, I will communicate to the other players. And do a vote kick. And if that same griefer comes back into another game. I will do a vote kick again. So they do not ruin the game. If a person cannot kick the same person, then griefing / trolling would be more out of control.

PM with a person that kicked you is also not going to work. I see only 2 things from this. BOTH with no benefits. 1) Endless argueing between the person that kicked. And the person that got kicked from a game. And.... 2 ) One person totally ignoring the other.

I see you also have somthing for the block system. For me...... the blocking system already has more cons than pros. A person that blocks someone is good for that 1 person. But the culprit can still go & misbehave onto other people. It happened to a family member of mine. Another incident that happened was a admin getting blocked from there own server. A user blocked a admin. Then the admin could not join the server since the user had him blocked. To this day, I don't know if that issue was resolved.
Leave the kick system alone, and remove the threads from this section. There, that will work.
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