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liseah87 25 feb 2013, ore 6:20
Cannot join any game or find any server
Hi there!

Three days ago that problem is started.

I can't join any game (it appears there isn't any free slot in every mode I choose - versus, campaign, realism...) and when I try to create a new game cannot find any server (local host only)

I can't play in this way >_> any suggestion?
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Bikes 25 feb 2013, ore 7:47 
Is your internet out of the game working at normal speeds? I have problems finding games in TF2 if my internet is lagging too much. Other than that try verifying files I guess.
liseah87 25 feb 2013, ore 8:45 
Yeah, it's working at normal speed... I tried other games (inside and outside steam) and I didn't find any problem, that's why I'm in trouble :/
DocPain 25 feb 2013, ore 10:17 
I am having the very same problem. I'm not sure why all of a sudden it is a problem. It was last Thurs or Fri that it started. If you get any answers,please let me know
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