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Q T 3.14 2013年2月21日 23時56分
is anyone else having problems with addons?
for some reason my addons are always loading now its like the same problem in gmod i just have the ones i got from the web. And i kind of think its something with the workshop
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GhasT 2013年2月22日 1時38分 
yes. I have this problem too. Although non-workshop addons are working
Woskis 2013年2月22日 6時12分 
I have this problem too, though the custom maps I've downloaded from L4Dmaps.com work fine
Malice 2013年2月22日 6時57分 
confirm a problem
Bobadeeba 2013年2月22日 7時06分 
Yes non of my add ons from the workshop is working when they were just a few days ago. They just don't load when i start the game or appear in add ons on the main menu. Ive tried uninstalling and re-installing l4d2 and re-subscribing to all my mods and it still won't work. Anyone know how to fix this?
Gamer911 (RUS) 2013年2月22日 7時13分 
Same thing with mine add-ons
kikiv 2013年2月22日 14時11分 
Add ons from the workshop are not working right now. Just wait until they fix this.
Woskis 2013年2月22日 14時46分 
They're working for me now
Phil 2013年2月22日 20時04分 
Same here. Sometimes the addons list loads right away and othertimes nothing shows up and the loading symbol is there.
[DMH]~☆Ð0∩ M☆~ 2013年2月23日 5時10分 
Mine add ons still not working .. Did steam now the prob ?
Q T 3.14 2013年2月23日 12時45分 
there not working again i think workshop is being funky
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