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Alareus Wirldath Thirjakis 2013年2月21日下午5:16
left 4 dead 2 crashesss
the game just crashes at the first loading screen , someone help me -.- please
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pachirisu 2013年2月21日下午5:33 
Verific the addons you have in the workshop, try to delete all and open the game, if doesn't work too Verific the carpet in steam/steamapps/common/left4dead2/left4dead2/addons delete all addon rar archive and open the game, if the game doesn't work too verific the cache
Alareus Wirldath Thirjakis 2013年2月25日上午11:32 
sorry but it doesn't work, maybye because i didn't have any addons at first
Alexo 2013年2月25日下午4:20 
Its warning error in some file, I think spitter something... already check cache, redownload files but still not beggining one campain...
Alareus Wirldath Thirjakis 2013年2月25日下午7:18 
so what should i do then
Alareus Wirldath Thirjakis 2013年2月25日下午8:13 
i don't understand that stuff but it's quite unlikely because i run recnt games and left 4 dead 2 isn't that recent
(Phantom)MuchoKiller 2013年2月25日下午9:54 
If you are running Nvidia and have the 310 drivers, update to the 314. Just did for mine and now L4d2 works like it use to, seems the 310 drivers didn't play well with L4d2.
最后由 (Phantom)MuchoKiller 编辑于; 2013年2月25日下午9:54
jaguarii 2013年2月26日上午12:55 
me at crashed random.Its frezz and i have sound loops.In the task manager i must close the game.And yeahh i have the 314 driver.That what i am wondering is that i have played the game befor 92h^^.Is there a fix for the random frezz and sound loops?
And yes i have test the multicor off and that dont work 2^^.
Have there someone thats could help me?
最后由 jaguarii 编辑于; 2013年2月26日上午12:57
pachirisu 2013年2月26日上午10:34 
hey yo guys that stuff is for windows xp, we don't know what windows is he use it
(Phantom)MuchoKiller 2013年2月26日上午10:45 
guess it was a fluke that I got through one game yesterday, back to the same ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ today, freezing and desktop after first saferoom again!!!
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