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SkootchNasty Feb 17, 2013 @ 8:29pm
The Basics of LFD2
Okay so ive gotten back into LFD2 lately and ive played with many people, sometimes running into the same people over and over again, which is usually a good thing. But for the public i recomend taking these easy to do tips to heart. First off, horde of zombies coming at you? OMG LETS RUN INTO A SWARM OF THEM BECAUSE I NEED TO GET OUT OF HERE!!. Wrong. stand still so your teammates can shoot around you, not at you. <-this is honestly my biggest issue with the public so far. Most of my health going towards team damage. Second, people like different places on the last level of every map and thats all fine, the biggest thing to remember is to stick together. No matter where youre at, you will be quickly saved, and/or picked up. Lastly, i know its a♥♥♥♥♥♥move but if on every level youre just scoring a grim bottom, 20 infected, 0 damage to tank, witch and no special infected kills. dont expect on the last level to get your health pack if someone picks it up before you, you clearly dont deserve it and did nothing to work towards the end. Rage quit all you want. But you know youre wrong for thinking you deserve something you didnt help to achieve. Honestly when those people quit, i am relieved that an NPC is going to take over for a little bit. at least its an actual 4th player in the game instead of 3. At least take the first point to heart. Stay still when the♥♥♥♥♥♥is going down, trying to run isnt going to help anyone. Oh yeah and if you can, please do not run in my line of fire and then get♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥when you get shot, i dont run into yours because im not blind.
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Um... the horde part is completely situational because sometimes you need to move fast and get outta there. You are right in that you should end up somewhere standing still and not running around swinging your melee weapon amidst the fray.

Lol at the 'dont expect to get a medkit' comment. You're right it is a♥♥♥♥♥♥move denying a newer player a healthkit. I dunno why you say this because if you are trying to give advice I hope you are experienced enough to not need like 3 healthkits on a finale.

The line of fire bit can be easily avoided most of the time by just being careful around doorways. In pugs this is where I see most of the FF. I would recommend that people DONT shoot while backpeddling, and don't spam through doorways. It is pretty much my bad 99.9% of the time when I shoot someone in my experience. It is usually when I break one of these two hints.
MunkeyThrust Feb 18, 2013 @ 8:16am 
Yeah that friendly fire thing. It seems the majority of times I am guilty is when people charge ahead into my line of fire when ( I think ) its prudent to just stop and shoot/clear an area of zombies in view before moving forward.
thewillielee Feb 18, 2013 @ 11:04am 
I approve the sticking together part.
1) Stick together as much as possible.
2) If new to game or playing with new people designate a recon person.
Recon person: A) Walks ahead of group B) Gets lay of land. C) Sees what is ahead.
The Recon should stay near corners away from alerting horde. Should be a room's reach of the group.
3) If the horde is alerted-move to an area where you can restrict their movements (such as closing doors-moving to hall or ledge so you can both take them out and do not have to spam shoot every direction because the horde surrounds you. One direction is desirable Two is normal 3 directions is doable. 4 or more is not good during a horde.)

4) Truthfully there should be only one person who is melee (unless you're team is that good). When you melee make sure you have only one target (preferred one already in close range. You're job is to defend your shooters from those who get pass your fire. The only time you push is when more than one target you're dealing with. Push target down melee kill the second target then melee kill the rising target you pushed down.

5) Remember survival in numbers-act like the NPCs when it comes to health.
You shouldn't be greedy with the HEalth. If someone is red while three of you are green and you got health pack then use it on them. (The only situation when you're allowed to be greedy is if you're all in dire straights then you can sub a health pack with pills or shots & keep Health for yourself).

6) Formation is important-best formation is the vertical or horizontal cross when the group is close together like a pack of wolves. L around corners & 7 down the stairs (unless the stairs are straight). When team is spreading the group over an area as it advances you should advance like a herd of ducks flying in a V pattern. (used for open areas)

7) Positon/Location is everything-You know being out in the open is death. Everything in the game practically hides if its smart. If you're inside you don't spread your group it is stupid. Stay close together. When you're in an open area then you might spread your group some-remember two things-1-Elevation is a shooter's friend when there isn't a place to hide. 2-A hiding place may very well save your life. (So always run to where you can shut doors or force enemies to come at you from a certain point.)

8) Ammo points are auto-reload fun time. You spot new shiny weapon then grab it if you're ammo is low. If you see an ammo point then auto reload even if you only used two bullets. Also if laser sights are lying around grab them.

9) Pipebombs are good & Gas Bottles. Don't really bother with the bile. If you must bother with bile either make sure someone else has a Gas bottle or use it for means of escape. The Gas bottles/Pipebombs are more for obliterating hordes while Bile is more of a" Oh crap horde-run!!!!! " You should never use bile for a trap setup because you're wasting ammo on loads of zombies meaning you're almost out of ammo afterwards. The pipebomb kills half the horde when used right and the gas bottle does damage with fire so you use less bullets. Bile-you use bullets if you use it as a trap instead of an escape. Being low on bullets is never a good thing so the only smart way to use bile as trap is in a combo with fire.

10) Always have bullets & always prepare to run somewhere to hide. Playing this game to fight is what you play for, but the object of the game is to survive. So if you don't need to face a horde then don't purposely alert it and if by mistake (or if its unvoidable) you do-make sure you can't escape them before you confront them.
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Arthur la salope Feb 18, 2013 @ 11:07am 
I love pasta
SkootchNasty Feb 18, 2013 @ 6:18pm 
Im never greedy with health unless that one player is really just along for the ride; its more important that i survive then they because theyre not doing anything anyways. And i always heal other players given i can see theyre at least trying.
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