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dantheman1987 2013年2月17日 1時27分
In game view is stuck but i can still move my character
Hi. I've been playing this game for a while then about a year ago stopped because for some reason unknown to me my characters are only able to move direction, not view - my cursor/mouse cannot move. Can someone help me to troubleshoot? I'd love to get to play this again.
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dantheman1987 2013年2月17日 1時30分 
I will also add that i have deleted all L4D files and reinstalled, closed and restarted both steam and my computer, and for another unrelated reason wiped my computer and then today reinstalled L4D and experience the same issue after all these steps
Bez 2013年3月10日 15時11分 
I'm encountering the same problem. It was working fine a few days ago.
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