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SNYPE94 2013年2月16日 17時30分
i need help on makng friends
i dont know how to add people as my friend. what do i do if i want to add people as my friend.
i need friends to play this game cause some people dont know how to play and dont know how to teamwork in this game. can someone plz add me as a friend :) im not a beginner at this game.
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Xx-WARLORD17-xX 2013年2月16日 21時30分 
its really easy, click on my picture and it will re direct you to my profile and like on the rightand it should say add friend.
Silent Knight 2013年2月16日 21時39分 
you can also press shift + tab then go to view players then go to a player you want to add as a friend if your in-game.
SNYPE94 2013年2月16日 22時48分 
thanks so much. this help alot
MunkeyThrust 2013年2月17日 9時15分 
I'm all about the team, I'll friend ya.
Gruulbane 2013年2月17日 9時19分 
Same here man ill add you :D
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