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RiVaL 2013년 2월 16일 오후 5시 07분
Uncensorship Please
I have been playing left4dead2 alot now and i hate that such a great game has to get censored please valve do something about this and make this game better

btw the censorship did really work cause we can see the Uncensored version on yotube
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Gwoopp 2013년 2월 16일 오후 5시 08분 
I agree with you completely !!!
ᗷᗴᗩᖇ 2013년 2월 16일 오후 5시 31분 
The game released at a certain rating level in your country they cant just give you the full game because you bought it at that rating level. What they can do is pay to resubmit the game for rerating in your country and you could buy it again. I highly doubt they will. There are also patches to uncensor the game or you could find someone to gift you the uncensored version.

Those are your options.
ThePeaceMaker28 2013년 2월 16일 오후 6시 31분 
move out of germany and/or astuala or where ever the game gets supor cencored
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