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ParrotDies 2013年2月16日 15時55分
Left 4 dead 2 cant install
i know this problem happens very often, i tried many times and search for the solution,it since for 2days... i tried to reinstall steam and the game ...but it still cant work ...Can someone help me to solve it please.. thx !!
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XX-WARLORD17-XX 2013年2月16日 21時27分 
what type of your computer do you have? pc? mac? do you have linux as your operating system? when you try to download, does it give you a messege of some sort, need a little bit more detail
ParrotDies 2013年2月16日 22時29分 
i use credit card to pay for the game, when i install the game it said: steam servers are currently too busy to handle your requests... i tried many times... still cant
XX-WARLORD17-XX 2013年2月16日 22時31分 
is it a mac or pc? also if you bought the game for linux and you dont have linux that could be a problem too, try verifying games cach by right clicking on the game in the library and click on properties
ParrotDies 2013年2月16日 22時41分 
my is pc
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