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FGSFDS 2013年2月14日 9時06分
Broken Dark Carnival finale
Very often tanks just stuck in walls and die in the finale.


Tank committing suicide at -767.956299 2224.000488 20.031250
Tank committing suicide at -568.951172 2071.012207 320.031250
最近の変更はFGSFDSが行いました; 2013年2月14日 9時06分
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Bikes 2013年2月14日 10時46分 
yeah, I was playing the finale yesterday to try out a mod that changes the music and both tanks died =\
Corronchilejano 2013年2月14日 10時50分 
Annoying but not worse than the elevator poltergeist in No Mercy ¬¬
MunkeyThrust 2013年2月14日 10時57分 
I experienced that once where the tank was stuck in the stadium wall. We were able to kill him by shooting at the wall. Is the elevator poltergeist where the doors wont open and you are trapped? Seen that once too.
Marked One 2013年2月14日 20時56分 
The funny thing about this is that the tanks dying is due to a fix patch for versus that they added a few months ago. Never had an issue until the "versus balance patch" that added blindspots for people to spawn in but completely screwed the Campaign players because the tank would die from not being seen. Another bug that was added due to the rebalance patch was the helicopter will fly through the added wall at the end if the copter lands on the left.
XX-WARLoRD17-XX 2013年2月14日 21時45分 
try uninstalling constant guard
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