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chickn//legend 2013년 2월 13일 오전 9시 54분
shift-tab (steam HUD) not working in L4D2

about a week or two ago my shift-tab stopped working in l4d2. If i try to shift-tab to access messages etc, it flickers (you can see it) but it goes back to the game with serious FPS lag (until you try to shift tab again). when it flickers and dissapears you have no time to answer a message, join an invite, nothing.

I run a multi-game steam gaming group with L4D2 as or primary game - and this is ruining my little organization, I can't invite, manage events, members can't grab server info, i can't answer messages, etc etc.

I've Tried to Fix It By:

* Removing Steam (deleting all files except steam.exe, userdata, and steamapps) - didn't help
* I took the liberty of uninstalling my graphics (and sound) drivers, I driver sweeped my PC, and re-installed - this didn't help (helped my graphics tho :D)

* I also disabled, re-enabled the steam hud, changed toggle buttons, etc (steam options) - didn't help

* Re-Starting the game doesn't even temporarily fix it, I just have to keep spamming shift-tab (or alternate button), and maybe after the 10th attempt it will stay (but just that one time).

* and last but not least - it's not a background application - a steam official post said "background apps may break your overlay", I have none of the known apps that break it - and when i go into game, i have the most minimal of apps running (microsoft, razer, steam is it.)

I have over 2,800 hours in L4D2, and this problem just started happening to not just me but lots of people, and no fix?
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NihlaThaK 2013년 2월 13일 오전 11시 00분 
Same problem :(
ZOMBOID 2013년 2월 14일 오전 8시 54분 
Sameeeeee :-(
chickn//legend 2013년 2월 14일 오전 10시 51분 
I'm meeting several L4D2 players a day that do too, and i don't understand why this is being ingnored by valve. -.-
Emensi 2013년 2월 14일 오전 11시 46분 
I have the same problem only in L4D2 btw. VALVE PLEASE TAKE NOTICE!
Emensi님이 마지막으로 수정; 2013년 2월 14일 오전 11시 47분
chickn//legend 2013년 2월 14일 오전 11시 52분 
okay, there was an update this morning, (i didnt check the update notes), but i figured the overlay issues we're included,

i did the update and loaded L4D2, and its not flickering, my overlay jst works (no flickering etc)

so hopefully the problem is fixed.
Emensi 2013년 2월 14일 오전 11시 55분 
Still flickers for me in-game, but not in the menus of the ld42 game. But during a match, it flickers and this is after teh update.

UPDATE: Actually the update hadn't been applied yet, thought it had been. The flicker issues seems to have been resolved. Yaya, thx Valve!
Emensi님이 마지막으로 수정; 2013년 2월 14일 오후 12시 03분
boogerjuice 2013년 2월 14일 오후 5시 02분 
I've been encountering the same issue. What I've found is that it seems Steam is getting confused when you shift+tab and considers any Steam windows you have open to be on your desktop? So I just alt+tab to my desktop, or run L4D2 in a window instead of full-screened, and I'm able to interact with my Steam windows that way.

Hope that helps until it's fixed!
Wretched 2013년 2월 15일 오전 6시 54분 
Same problem here, I can't use steam cloud during the game.
EXTRAWELT 2014년 7월 2일 오후 6시 01분 
great, so 1.5 year later, this starts happening to me, after 3000 hours played on l4d2 with no previous issues. :/
chickn//legend 2014년 7월 2일 오후 6시 02분 
mine ended up fixing itself i think... i might have "verified my game cache" for L4D2. that should fix it hopefully.
EXTRAWELT 2014년 7월 8일 오후 4시 26분 
nah mate, tried reinstalling steam and verifying cache... i guess ill try to reinstall the game, but im pretty sure it wont work :((((
Dharok The Wretched 2014년 7월 8일 오후 4시 48분 
Sounds like it may be an add-on problem.
I had a similar problem a while back.
These problems are the reason I no longer partake in workshop mods (or, I choose them very carefully)
Disable all of your add-ons and try again.
Hambone -IGY6- 2015년 6월 10일 오전 6시 24분 
Same thing going on here, still no fix?
i guess I could try unchecking all the add-ons, did this help anyone?
Dharok The Wretched 2015년 6월 10일 오후 11시 04분 
Fantastic Necro.

Read above - remove add-ons. Verify. Try again.
BubblestationCPH 2015년 6월 10일 오후 11시 08분 
Have u checked ur settings to verify it hasnt been changed to something else?
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