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Gruulbane 2013 年 02 月 11 日 @ 下午 12 時 51 分
Shift+Tab=not working
As i said in the title Shift tab doesn't work. Like let me explain, everytime i hit shift tab to go to the menu it closes out immediately making it impossible for me to check messages. Is there anyway to fix this? Do i have to reinstall steam?
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Marked One 2013 年 02 月 11 日 @ 下午 2 時 57 分 
I've been having an issue with this across numerous computers. I assume it's a memory access issue, as that's how it's logged on my event viewer, but even when I allocate more to the gameoverlay it still bugs out. Usually letting it load first thing in the game before you go into a lobby/game will prevent it from bugging out. Not always though.
Ćoffi -45- 2013 年 02 月 11 日 @ 下午 3 時 44 分 
Dude ,why dont u simple change to other button like F3 or some else, i never used SHIFT+tab ,simple switch,btw i am using community in game on F3.
Gruulbane 2013 年 02 月 11 日 @ 下午 4 時 06 分 
Because i like using Shift+Tab but that's off topic thought.
♥oatsntoast♥ 2013 年 02 月 12 日 @ 上午 7 時 41 分 
i had the same problem last night..while typing in a chat window on shift+tab it would keep reverting back to the game, making it nearly impossible to answer/reply to incoming messages
♛Empire♛ 2013 年 02 月 12 日 @ 上午 7 時 44 分 
You cant just change it to fix it. It's a steam problem. Non Fixable.
Jeroen Mathon 2013 年 02 月 12 日 @ 上午 11 時 15 分 
The Steam in Game Overlay Process Must stopped Try restarting your game.
Blasto the Hanar spectre 2013 年 02 月 12 日 @ 上午 11 時 17 分 
Also try opting out of the steam beta if your in it. Just click on the steam icon in your taskbar and then go to settings.
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