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Left 4 dead 2 not launching.
Whenever i try to launch Left 4 dead 2, it's say's "preparing to launch left 4 dead 2" *Then doesn't launch at all when it's finished preping.
I've Validated my files, reinstalled the game, even reinstalled steam.
I've also defraged my files, still nothing.
I've noticed with task manager that the process instantly closed, but my firewall is turned off and i'm only using Microsoft Security Essentials as an anti virus.
Any help?
Legutóbb szerkesztette: Sam Hyde; 2013. febr. 8., 23:49
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I have the exact same problem. Portal 2 won't start, either. I checked my processes using task manager, and it closes after about 5 seconds and uses no CPU. I can't figure anything out...

Someone halp us.
I think it's an App Crash, but i have no idea what's causing it.
accept my friend request so i can help
i have the same problem when i start the game and it closes left 4 dead 2 and i tried the same things you did
Not available

C:\Users\Nicholas Thompson\AppData\Local\Temp\WER1FE0.tmp.WERInternalMetadata.xml
C:\Users\Nicholas Thompson\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\WER\ReportArchive\AppCrash_left4dead2.exe_267c4854b1693c56d9e997750dc179fa46a17ef_1b882a5b

It seems to be a .dll
anyone else have this isssue?
Legutóbb szerkesztette: Sam Hyde; 2013. febr. 9., 12:20
this worked.
also if you don't want to tinker with reg files. try this.
it gives you full control of the dill file from the thread link posted earlier, can someone pin this topic? Thanks in advance.
Legutóbb szerkesztette: Sam Hyde; 2013. febr. 10., 11:19
My L4D2 isnt working either, I hope this doesn't have anything to do with... Norton -_-
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