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☆THAT A X I☆ 2013年2月8日 10時45分
NEED to add a ladder on Dead Center 1
Elevator Tank / Survivor standoffs are anooying and game breaking.
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doo doo 2013年2月8日 11時09分 
Just glitch the tank, goto the safe room jump on the brown table on the side then jump on the chair and crouch and get stuck / wedged between the chair and roof of the safe room now tell your team mates to stay in the lift as ghosts (all of them) and the tank will teleport to your closest team mates (after about 8-14 seconds) who are still in ghost mode right on top of the survivors who are camping in the lift or upstairs waiting on the tank to die.

laugh and watch the rage ensue.

I don't like glitching tbh, but when the enemy is doing it in order to avoid a tank fight i don't see why not.

But yes valve pls fix the issue by making a yellow ladder that goes up the lift passage and leave the manhole on the lift to be breakable so the tank can break it and climb inside.
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