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(งಠ_ಠ)ง 2013 年 02 月 5 日 @ 下午 9 時 02 分
In game alerts not showing
Hey all, all of a sudden my in game alerts stopped showing up, around a month ago. The alerts I am talking about are the "You Startled the Witch" "Jimbob0872x alerted the horde" "Rescue is coming" etc messages that show up. Any ideas as to how to fix this?
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Nathan Graves 2013 年 02 月 5 日 @ 下午 9 時 31 分 
try the good ol method of veryfing game cache. Works 60% of the time all the time.

If that doesn't work, try deleting and re-installing. Sure it'll take a few hours but it's a safe bet. of course, try googling for a solution beforehand.
(งಠ_ಠ)ง 2013 年 02 月 5 日 @ 下午 9 時 37 分 
Verified cache twice, and gave Google a good thumping, too. Looks like re-installing it is my best option. Ah well!
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