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Dr.Mantis Tobbagan 2013年2月5日 20時16分
When ever i start a new game, any ol' game, singleplayer or multiplayer, my gun shoots far to the right of where the crosshair is pointing. I havent modded the files at all. Any help would be nice!
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beEZ (禁止済) 2013年2月5日 20時19分 
Clear the commons surrounding you first...

No seriously, I have no idea.
Registered Sex Offender 2013年2月6日 2時30分 
Try using a wired xbox controller? I have no idea, that is so bizarre. xD
ArrowTheUnicorn (禁止済) 2013年2月6日 2時33分 
console "crosshair 0" nah im just messing with ya got not idea
Faceman 2013年7月25日 5時17分 
I have the same problem, pretty annoying
Faceman 2013年7月25日 5時38分 
I figured it out, disable stereoscopic 3d, or check if your screen is in stereoscopic mode thats all once you disable that it goes back to normal.
Dr.Mantis Tobbagan 2013年7月25日 9時05分 
yes that is what i did. it has been fixed for a long time now. but thanks for you answers.
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