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My game crashes and i dont know how to fix it.
For some reason, everytime my game trys to load a workshop addon, my game will crash, it says "left4dead2.exe has stopped working", this has started happening today, i dont know why, i've tried uninstalling and reinstalling but that didn't work, what should i do?
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Phantom 2013年2月5日上午6:47 
try removing the .vpk file from your addons folder and see if that makes a difference.
Call me Jeffrey (已封禁) 2013年2月5日上午7:21 
Programfiles/steam/steamapps/common/left4dead2/left4dead2/addons. Remove the add ons and it should go back to normal.
As for why your add ons are not working...i have no idea
Nathan Graves 2013年2月5日下午1:41 
I seem to have find out as to why this happens, apparently workshop is very bad at downloading your mods properly, so what you should do is this:
1.- Go to Programfiles/steam/steamapps/common/left4dead2/left4dead2/addons
2.-Order the files by name and then check that all .jpg files have their respective .vpk (they both should have the same name, for example, a jpg file named 12345.jpg should have a .vpk file named 12345.vpk)
3.-If you find a jpg file that doesn't have it's .vpk installed, then the failed synchronization of your subscribed item is causing the game to crash
4.-Go to said missing mod workshop page and unsubscribe from it.

Im currently looking for a solution to this, since when i have tried to re-subscribe to the mod that didnt download, steam said the download was complete as soon as I clicked on subscribe, even though that's total BS, since it really didnt download anything (even though it said it downloaded 200 MB of said mod).

If I find a solution to this (rather stupid) problem, i'll tell you right away mate :)
No Man's Land 2013年2月5日下午5:09 
Thanks Phantom and IM BATMAN for trying to help, but the problem is with the addons from the Steam workshop, the addons i have from L4Dmaps work fine, and Nathan, i checked the the workshop folder and found that all the vpk's did have their jpg's, so that isn't the problem, thanks for trying to help.
No Man's Land 2013年2月5日下午7:12 
ok, im going to play L4D2 on another pc while trying to get it working again on my pc.
Phantom 2013年2月6日上午1:01 
i have l4d2 installed on a mac and a pc, and workshop works fine on both without any problems. maybe the workshop addon you are trying to download is damaged or not completed or some sort. idk.
No Man's Land 2013年2月6日上午1:59 
cant be, im now playing the game on another pc and the addons work fine on it, has to be something up with my pc, trying to find out now.
Phantom 2013年2月6日上午2:08 
what version of Windows is it?

edit: check if you need to update your steam client.
最后由 Phantom 编辑于; 2013年2月6日上午2:10
No Man's Land 2013年2月6日上午2:11 
windows 7, i really wish i was an expert with computers lol, would probably already have this done.
Phantom 2013年2月6日上午2:14 
hmm.... i had windows 7 ultimate and l4d2 didnt work on that because i think i had some module missing, but your problem is different. idk how to fix the problem....
No Man's Land 2013年2月6日上午2:15 
thanks for trying to help.
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