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Nathan Graves 2013年2月3日 15時25分
L4D2 crashing after intro due to workshop *solved* UPDATE - worskshop files not being downloaded correctly which causes the game to crash
Hey folks, ws having issues with L4D2 earlier, the game launched but as soon as the main menu came up the game crashed and steam became unresponsive so I was forced to terminate the process.
Found a solution by trial and error and apparently the Back to School mod is crashing the game. I unsuscribed and now the game works like a charm.
For the people that have the same problem but are not subscribed to Back to School try doing the following:
1.-Go to your add ons folder in L4D2
2.-Delete the whole workshop folder
3.-start the game and as soon as the main menu comes on go to add ons
4.-Take a good look at the bottom right corner of the screen where the names of your subscribed mods start showing.
5.-when a mod comes up and the game starts to stutter and eventually crash, then it more than likely that the mod is at fault.
6.-Unsubscribe the mod.
7.-Re-launch L4D2 and see if that fixed it
8.-If everything went good, then go the the mod that was causing the problem and leave a kind note to the developer of said mod so that they can check into whats causing the issue.

This is the method I used to find out that the Back to School mod was crashing my game. I really hope this can help more people in this situation so that they can enjoy this amazing game.

Dont be a troll/d*ck/a-hole on the game be patient and calm about your online teammates :)
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Nathan Graves 2013年2月5日 13時25分 
Ok, so i seem to know the root of the problem now.
Apparently Workshop is still not fully polished and it fails from time to time to synch subscribed items to your add ons folder.
It's weird but the only mods that are not properly synchyed and downloaded are custom maps, because all other mods like models, clothing, etc are correctly synched to my computer.
Looking for a fix to this since Valve probably wont help for the time being, i have a theory that you must subscribe to your desired mods 1 by 1, waiting for the download to fisnish before attempting to downlaod the next mod.
Ill try my theory and see if thats a good solution for this annoying issue.
Nathan Graves 2013年2月5日 13時59分 
Follow these steps to find out which mods are not being downloaded so you can unsubscribe to them for the time being until I (or someone else) can find a solution for this undownloadable mods:
1.- Go to Programfiles/steam/steamapps/common/left4dead2/left4dead2/addons
2.-Order the files by name and then check that all .jpg files have their respective .vpk (they both should have the same name, for example, a jpg file named 12345.jpg should have a .vpk file named 12345.vpk)
3.-If you find a jpg file that doesn't have it's .vpk installed, then the failed synchronization of your subscribed item is causing the game to crash
4.-Go to said missing mod workshop page and unsubscribe from it.

Now, if you subscribe again to the mod you just unsubscribed, then steam will most probably tell you that the download is finished and ready to go, which is total BS (unless steam can download 280 MB in a matter of milliseconds).

This phantom downloads are only happening on the mods that were missing from my addons folder, if I subscribe to a new mod that i've never used then it starts downloading correctly.

I won't call Valve a bunch of *insert swear here*, because I can understand that workshop for L4D2 is fairly new, but to be honest, Ive been experiencing missing workshop files from different games as well, mainly Serious Sam 3. The only reason as to why this happens is that maybe steam goes DERP HERP when you start subscribing to a bunch of different mods in a matter of minutes, so from now on ill play it safe and download one mod at a a time.
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11e_jutinmatthew 2013年7月6日 13時47分 
L 3 G A C Y -lft6sScout Silver 2013年7月9日 15時09分 
Thank you so much, I've been so frustrated trying to fix this, I uninstalled, then reinstalled my lfd2 THREE times, trying to fix this. By the way, your technique worked ^_^
Nathan Graves 2013年7月9日 21時47分 
I'm glad I could be of help.
I didn't figure out why this happens in the first place, I already submitted a ticket for steam but that did no help.
The best thing you can do is if you want to download a faulty mod would be if you download them from a mod site and add it directly to the add ons folder.
The MrEpic 2013年7月23日 9時10分 
thx but i seems the happen more often when you install a whole collection.
TH3REDSP1R1T 2月25日 12時27分 
I've tried this and doesn't work. No MATTER WHAT addon i use it'll just crash the game. It'll crash when i check mark it and/or when I download something and after its done it crashes the game.
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Nathan Graves 2月25日 12時40分 
TH3REDSP1R1T の投稿を引用:
I've tried this and doesn't work. No MATTER WHAT addon i use it'll just crash the game. It'll crash when i check mark it and/or when I download something and after its done it crashes the game.
Well, it's been a year and a half since I did this fix.
The thing I would do in your shoes is either:
A) Uninstall all mods, then download one of them, run the game, and see if it runs correctly, and repeat for all your other mods.


B)Uninstall all your mods from the workshop, and go to http://www.gamemaps.com/l4d2/mods to manually download and install the mods (installing is just unpacking the files into the mods folder in your L4D2 main folder).

I would go with option B really, especially for custom maps, since the workshop breaks up the maps into pieces and I think that causes an issue in the end.
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