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HippoCow 2013년 2월 1일 오후 3시 23분
when will workshop iteams be able to be played online co-op etc.
i want to play special add on campaians and use skins and new guns with my friend but we cant fnd a sever and we have all the same ones installed any one down to help would be thanked :)
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Fridge LargeMeat 2013년 2월 1일 오후 3시 38분 
Most of the official servers are run by Pinion White Label now, and almost all of them are sv_pure 1. This means that the server will enforce vanilla gameplay no matter what. I don't play on those if it can be helped.
Ways to work around this would be to use a best available dedicated server, although your experience on those may vary wildly, or use a local server and type "sv_consistency 0" without quotes into the developer console.
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