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lisamarie290 2013年1月31日上午10:04
does this work for windows 8?
i already bought fallout 3 that didn't work for my type of laptop so i dont want to screw up again
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AirborneGamer 2013年1月31日上午11:04 
It works for me on 8, 64bit just fine.
anon (已封禁) 2013年1月31日上午11:05 
i play on win8
Darth Veda 2013年1月31日下午1:18 
With a Laptop, it's most likely RAM or GPU adapter that is the issue.
Lazivo (No Sound) (已封禁) 2013年1月31日下午4:56 
i hav 3 ggs of ram and i want 2 get it is tht enough ram
TMG Ken 2013年1月31日下午5:01 
Windows 8 is just fine Its all your computer pieces that matter the most
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