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Destroy Them With Tables 2013年1月30日 7時01分
Sniper Scope and "flashing" players
Why is my sniper scope oval-shaped? Should I look at something in the graphics settings? L4D2 will play in this laptop with Intel HD Graphics 3000, but I'm more concerned about why my player keeps flashing whenever he's stationary for a brief period. Users with similar chipsets could experience a seizure.
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Krustibat 2013年1月30日 10時54分 
The sniper scope is supposed to be oval and it s not a very good one. You can download another one in the workshop that s cooler
Destroy Them With Tables 2013年1月30日 11時32分 
Isn't it supposed to be a circle? I use a widescreen display and that makes a difference.

I first noticed this anomaly when I uploaded an image to the Steam Cloud.

Compare it with the sniper scope on TF2 and decide for yourself.
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Those Dirty Blues 2013年1月30日 17時41分 
I've had this problem ever since I switched from 1024x768 to my laptop's native resolution. The fix I have is a mod that changes the scope lens, I don't know of any other way to fix it.
EXPLORER.EXE 2013年5月12日 4時45分 
Uhm, i had the same problem until i changed my resolution from 1366x768 to 1360x768
A Stupid Amount of Watermelons 2013年5月12日 13時43分 
what resolution do you run it at?
I run 1366x768, that made it an oval. I now use a modded scope, that fixes that. The " Professional Scope, 1366x768 fix" mod. Look it up on the Workshop
A Stupid Amount of Watermelons 2013年5月12日 13時44分 
it being the game, btw
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