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A_Dà57 2013년 1월 30일 오전 4시 15분
Won't start
Yesterday i tried to run l4d2 but when it says preparing to lunch it self cliks cancel and return to desktop... it's strange cuz my says that i'm playing the game but the game is not seen on the screen.. da hell is goin' on?!?!?!?
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Xteven Xavier:Ass Blaster Master 2013년 1월 30일 오전 7시 42분 
yup that's been going around, mine has been unable to be played for the last week and a half or so, I am happy to see others getting the sam error, now steam might just do something about it.
bucket 2013년 1월 30일 오전 8시 12분 
Seems like the problem is spreading...
Xteven Xavier:Ass Blaster Master 2013년 1월 30일 오전 8시 35분 
yeah before it was just the two of us
A_Dà57 2013년 1월 30일 오전 8시 46분 
that's not a big deal, i'm gonna do something else... hope to see the game fixed soon :D
Boblemalade 2013년 1월 30일 오전 10시 06분 
For me, it open but close automatically after the intro
Xteven Xavier:Ass Blaster Master 2013년 1월 30일 오후 10시 43분 
A_Dà57 2013년 1월 31일 오전 7시 54분 
@C= 64 I've already tried to verify game cache, but it didn't work.. I also tried to delete all the files, re-download them and re-install them but it didn't work either.. (sorry for my bad english, but i'm italian)
EzyPickens 2013년 1월 31일 오후 8시 42분 
Having same problem - any other suggestions?
T4thR 2013년 3월 17일 오후 3시 40분 
I have the same issue with L4D, tries to launch then closes. I've opened up my firewall, reinstalled 3 times. Made sure services were running. Opened up folder permissions. More or less everything I can think of.
Slenderman 2013년 3월 17일 오후 3시 42분 
i guess you just clicked it too much and it says that you have to wait maybe a very long time it happens to me...
A_Dà57 2013년 3월 19일 오전 10시 53분 
I fixed it. I only had to update my graphic card (i dunno if i can call it in this way)
Methodman 2013년 3월 19일 오전 11시 49분 
I got left for dead 2 a while ago and played alot of it but all of a sudden it says that it needs to be preloaded? when i preload it it says sorry steam servers are unable to preload any more left for dead 2 games atm
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